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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Swearing by Profectiv

This blog post is going to get personal ! In a good way :-)!

Now for those who know me well in person, I do have a happy,wild head of kinky afrolicious hair,and I do get a few inquiries on what my hair regime is like.

So, I decided to write a personal hair post today to answer a couple of customer questions like "I've never seen this product before, how do I know its good?". One thing I can always say and I always do say is - we don't sell products we wouldn't use on ourselves. So, all our products are carefully selected from our own experiences or customer recommendations and intense research into the product ingredients too.

At the moment I succumbed to a relaxer treatment a few weeks ago after another transitioning stint (i.e going from relaxed hair to a natural afro ). But I am still a firm believer in stretching your relaxer (i.e waiting longer periods in between relaxer treatments).

I've always had a problem with relaxing my thick hair to the bone straight look till I found the Profectiv range of relaxers. Still, it didn't just make my hair bone straight, it gave it shine and lately I used one of the Relax and Refresh colour packs, and I am still very satisfied!!

Now I have to digress a bit from Profectiv, a topic for another day is conditioning and shampooing hair regimens. I love the Elasta QP line of shampoos and conditioners and it stretches my hair satisfactorily well too.

Back to Profectiv; one of our best selling products is the Profectiv Mega growth oil : it smells good, and it conditions superbly; both natural and texturised relaxed hair. I hear testimonials all the time, apart from mine :-)! I always recommend this product as a hot oil treatment for those with dry, weak , damaged hair, it can't get any better than this!

But tonight's winner is the Profectiv Long N' Healthy Anti-Breakage Strenghtening Mega Moisturiser....this stuff is wonderful !
Its light, fruity, and ultra moisturising. I use it for my hair tips on dry hair and on wet hair before roller sets. As written on the bottle it works excellently well with styling gels, setting lotion, mousse & spritz products, and that is the truth verbatim.

This moisturiser is also brilliant on natural or coarse hair, because its less greasy, it is water free , contains no petroleum and effectively conditions the hair in a matter of seconds......so yes I am recommending Profectiv. I hardly experience hair breakage using their wonderful products. I am very very happy with my hair and I want you to be too !!

On that note, I am swearing by Profectiv, very much so !!

P.S We are looking forward to stocking a new range of organic hair care products. By organic I do mean completely natural hair ingredients. Watch this space !!!

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