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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Winter Black Hair Care Tips

The winter season is finally here again! And as exciting as thoughts of snow, Christmas and skiing trips might be, winter is never kind to black hair. We have compiled a list of must do's and can do's for those of you still undecided on how to protect your hair this winter.

Tip 1: Moisturize, moisturize moisturize; as much as possible...there is nothing like too much moisture for your hair. The dry winds of winter can cause breakage and dryness in black hair. Incorporate the virgin olive oil pre- shampoo method into your weekly hair routine. Simply part your hair into two or four and pour in a bowl of olive oil from your kitchen:). Dip a finger in the bowl of oil and finger roll the hair strands starting from the nape. This helps to keep your scalp and hair tips moisturised and fortifies the hair against breakage.

Tip 2: For intensive daily moisturizing, we recommend Profectiv Long & Healthy , it is a heavy moisturizer that definitely leaves your hair soft and shiny.

Tip 3: Style your hair in protective styles. Pack your hair back or up in bun styles, get a weave done or braid your hair up in long lasting styles. If you chose to wear your hair au natural do not forget to moisturize your hair tips daily.

Tip 4: Skimp on the shampooing. Yes! reduce the number of times you shampoo your hair; condition instead. Depending on your routine; alternate your hair shampooing with what we call a "conditioner poo". Wet your hair and apply a generous amount of conditioner, rub in as though shampooing and rinse out. This is an essential moisture guaranteeing process for winter hair care.

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